WTB - HD 5670/GT240 range card

Looking for a video card in the hd 5670 range. PM me if you have anything.
I'm in western NY.
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  1. Are you looking for low power or just that performance range? FYI, the GT 240 DDR5 is notably better than the DDR3 version:,2997-7.html

    I've got a 9600GSO (good 96SP version) that gets the GT 240 DDR3 performance. I might be persuaded to part with it if you don't have any other offers. I'm actually playing through Half Life 2 right now, so this card suits my needs. If the limitation is power though, the GT 240 is much more efficient. My 9600GSO requires an auxiliary 6-pin connector (I can provide a 4-pin adapter).
  2. Hi, thanks but I was looking for a dx11 capable card.
  3. A GT 240 isn't DX11 capable, you'll need Fermi for that (GeForce 400 or 500 series) or Radeon 5000/6000 series--not to mention the 5670 isn't powerful enough to play games with DX11 turned on at any resolution larger than 1280x720 or so.

    If you give us your budget, what parts you own, and what you're trying to do, we can try to give you some suggestions for your best options.
  4. Thanks - I ended up buying an Sapphire 5670 1 gb for $69 from newegg with a $10 1srt time discount and a $15 rebate, net cost $45.
    I know it''s not the best but for the limited gaming I will do it should help.
  5. Wow! $45 for a 5670? That's a great deal.
  6. $45 for ATi 4870 1GB
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