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Hey, i have a massive problem i cant seem to sort out....

For the past 2 months some of the UK servers on counter strike source are like 160 latency yet all other uk servers or french or US are fine its just the odd few that are high latency.....but even my mates can get on there no problem....
when i go on there it doesnt really lagg either it just kicks me out of the server...i havnt changed anything it just went like it...
ive tried everything from
scans, checked my rates, checked my grpahis settings, tried with firewall off everything...
i am connected through an orange live box which i dont think is any good but its 100 meg
i have 2gig ram
4200+ duel core cpcu
7900gtx graphics and so on
cant someone help!!
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  1. Try going to and run the tests. That'll help you get an accurate picture of what your actual speed is. Obviously, your lag problems are caused by your connection.
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