format option for reinstalling windows xp

both cdroms are dead so am going to do a reformat/ clean install from floppys (says it will get the roms going). but it does not specify format -quick, enable comp. , and msdos start up disk. i could guess but it would be a bad time to be wrong lol
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  1. How will you install XP w/2 dead CD-ROM drives?

    /last I checked XP didn't come on floppies

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  2. How do you install XP without CDROM drives(as already asked)

    second, how would using gloppies make cdroms suddenly work? Unless what you're trying to say is that you have nonbootable cdrom drives/bios on motherboard. If so, I'd prboably rethink having XP on that system, as I dont' think I've had a system that couldn't boot from CD since 98 came out(excluding systems like ultra portable notebooks that didn't have cdroms)
  3. <A HREF="" target="_new">Windows XP startup disk allows computers without a bootable CD-rom to perform a new installation of the operating system</A>!

    *Note: Windows XP Home Edition startup disks will not work for Windows XP Professional installations and vice-versa.

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  4. I assume when you say dead you don't mean fried and that you can still boot into windows normally, turn off your system unplug the power to the CD drives re-boot, shutdown and plug them back in, sometimes works. If thats not what you were asking I would then be thinking you would need to use the set of 6 floppies (I think) as you said, I have never used them myself so I can't answer the last question but what have you got too loose.
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