FS: AMD Athlon x2 250 "Regor"

I want to sell my old processor, i bought a new one off ebay and no longer have a need for this one. It still works and it's in perfect condition, never overclocked. I'll send the heatsink and the processor in the same box i bought it in. Comes with manual. For the price, i'm asking around $60 dollars. Transaction by paypal please. I might be able to ship around next week.
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  1. You've got a tough sale ahead of you at that price:

    EDIT: I removed the specific link. You can if you want too.
  2. Ill go $20 if interested seeing as I can get $30 new
  3. FYI: It appears Frys no longer has that item in stock. So it might not be available anywhere for $30. I dunno though. $60 just seemed steep, which was why I posted in the first place.
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