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I want to upgrade to win7 (if all goes smoothly even tonight) but I'm worried about my game saves. I have quite a lot of games that are installede on the computer and I haven't finished them yet, I don't know for which of them I can transfer my saves to the next install, my games are:
Burnout Paradise (finished the game but it's still fun to fool around).
F.E.A.R. (the original)
Fallout 3
and most importantly Far Cry2 (I'm only in the beginning story mission wise but I have progressed a lot in the side missions).
if you can save me the search for where these save files are it would be welcome :).
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  1. Check your "C:\Users\*Your user here*\AppData\Local" directory, most games store them there.
    Then there is the "C:\Users\*Your user here*\Saved Games" directory.
    Check your "C:\Users\*Your user here*\AppData\Roaming" directory, some games store them there.

    Take into account that these are most common places that save games are stored (in windows Vista).
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