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OK I currently have the Intel 845G board. Considering an upgrade to 865G. The 845G has integrated Intel Extreme Graphics and the new model has the Intel Extreme Graphics 2. Looking at the specs on Intel's website, they are virtually identical. So I'm not sure how they can justify the (2) nomenclature. Anyway, I don't do gaming. Is this integrated video chipset good or bad? I know it's all relative but I do need the most CPU power for MPEG 2 DVD encoding. Is this chipset stealing significant resources from my CPU? I know it dynamically borrows memory but with 512mb I think I can spare it. Would I be better off getting going with the 865PE and buying some mid-level AGP video card?
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  1. Have you considered switching to AMD? nForce2 has ~geforce4 440mx capability with IGP northbridge. A good IGP board could run you as low as $100.

    If I were going to be using integrated graphics it would definately be nForce2. Just something to consider.
  2. It should be about the same performance as the ATI Rage 128, which is the base card for many Dell systems, and I don't see too many office workers complaining.

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  3. Lol, good job your not playing games. My friend bought a Celeron 2.3Ghz and 845G eMachines system (lol) and thought that because it was over 2GHz it could run CS. Well in any map where there are more than 10 people playing his comp lags down to 9FPS and maxes out 20FPS, thats worse than my old TNT2 Vanta PCI!!!

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