The unioffical THG Steam group

Hey guys,

Here is a link for the unoffical THG Steam group. We'd love it if more of you guys joined the group.

Personally I wanna be able to meet of you gamers and play some games like L4D and make some new friends.

THG Steam group

Could we get this stickied please?
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  1. You have no friends. Only team-mates and enemies.
  2. Well I'm gonna join. Of course you can friends online, sometimes you can even buy them. :D
  3. Im there under Throbbing Justice. I would like to eat your human brains.

    BTW, what mods do you like to play for L4D? I have only played Death Aboard so as heck. It is hard to find people to get in on a new maps. We should get a THG game going. I want to try Night Terror, Back to School, and Left Over. Anyone play them?
  4. Sure, I'll play once I get uncapped.
  5. Just don't beat me or I'll ban you all.

  6. I'd like to see you try :P
  7. I'll join tonight.

    Thankfully for you, I need a new mic, so you don't have to listen to me yell and scream. (My ex-clan claims they need gause pads when I get on...:D)
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