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DFI nForce2 or DFI VIA KT400A?

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June 14, 2003 5:50:59 AM

ok, here is one last question I want to ask all the nerds here (im a nerd too so no offense intended lol).

DFI has this new LAN-Party mobo out. I see two almost EXACT motherboards, just one is VIA KT400A, and one is nForce2 MCP-T (yay for turbo!).

my question: which one of these would you guys get? I know a lot of you are nForce junkies, but I am still highly unimpressed with it (my one single nForce mobo is nothing but problems right out of the box, as per my other post).

Im not so afraid though that I wouldnt give another nForce a shot...but VIA's have really proved reliable and stable to me, and I have built countless systems with them over the years.

Is nForce2 worth me trying one more time? Or should I stick to the VIA since I know and love them?

here are the two boards:

nForce2 -

VIA KT400A -

PS: is the Marvell SATA controller as good as the Silicone Image 3112? I just read here at Tom's that the SI3112 is the best yet, but it doesn't really say anything about the Marvell or any other SATA controller. The SATA is the purchase point on the board for me now.

again, thanks for reading and for any replies =)

PS: moderator: sorry, I do not know how to make the links active...if you could fix them or just post and tell me how dumb I am I'd appreciate it!

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June 14, 2003 10:41:06 AM

Personally I recomend the <A HREF="" target="_new">NForce2</A> over the <A HREF="" target="_new">VIA</A>. It is faster and I've had no problems with mine.

The <A HREF="" target="_new">FAQ</A> explains how to make links.

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June 14, 2003 11:43:42 AM

thx rook. Everyone telling me to stick to nforce2 and I will be happy, so I guess I should stick it out. I remember the original KT133's not being so great and we stuck it out (my ASUS A7V still rocking next to me for my gf to play Diablo 2 on).

and thanks for the faq...didn't realize it was basic php forum stuff heh.

Help! I don't speak Russian!!!
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June 14, 2003 12:44:42 PM

Well, if you actually know and 'love' Via, then maybe you should stick to it. I too would recommend nForce2, but I haven't had any problems with it either. I guess if you've gone off both Via and nVidia then SiS is your last hope. You might want to check out the 746FX or 748 chipset, although it seems that it's tough to find a board other than ECS based on them.

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June 14, 2003 1:13:50 PM

I say get what makes YOU happy, don't let others reccomend (force) you into a product you don't want. The performance difference between them wont matter much anyhow. That Via based board is $20 cheaper, so if you grab that you got $20 to spend taking your GF out to a nice dinner (read:TacoBell). GF > Motherboard (debatable)

All that said, I have a DFI Lanparty NFII on the way to my house right now! nForce woot woot!
June 14, 2003 4:11:34 PM

Well one thing you wont get with the KT400A is dual channel memory configuration. This can be quite a performance boost, and youd be missing out on it. Dont forget the awesome sound from the nF2

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June 14, 2003 11:07:49 PM

hey stain, let me know how that LAN-Party board thinking I will get same board but the VIA flavor as I am just more confident in them. I think that LAN-Party board is fantastic though with all the extra goodies =)

heh Taco Bell...thats like a 5-star dinner for us hehe

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June 15, 2003 2:35:10 AM

Nforce2 > KT400A

I don't know anything about DFI so I am defaulting to not liking them.

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June 15, 2003 11:14:13 AM

It should arrive Wednesday (18th) so hopefully I'll be able to let you know what I think by next weekend.