Call of Duty 4; A Few Questions

Hey guys, First off i want to thank you all for taking the time to read this. Ok, So i have Call of Duty 4 for the PC and i play competitively. Im CEVO-P so im very familiar with things but i had a few questions. With the Config i use ingame it definitely enhances my FPS but i know i have only 1 Gig of RAM. If i boost my RAM will it give me more FPS?

Operating System: Microsoft® Windows® XP Media Center Edition 2005

Processor: AMD Athlon™ 64 3500+ Processor (512 KB L2 cache, 2.20GHz, 2000 MHz System Bus), RS480 chipset

Memory: 1024MB DDR (2 x 512MB), Expandable to 4 GB

Hard Drive: 200 GB HDD

Video: NVIDIA® GeForce® 9600 GT

Drives: DVD±RW 16x Multi Format Double Layer

Network Adapter: 10/100Mbps integrated Ethernet LAN

Audio: AC '97 audio, Dolby 5.1 (6-channel), Logitech X-230 2.1 Speakers/Sub

As you can see it is an eMachine T6522 except i have switched out the PSU to a 550WT and GPU to a 9600GT.

So what i am asking is, If i had a Gig or 2 more RAM will it enhance my FPS even more?

Right now i can get 125 Constant on most if not all maps. I can even get 250 Constant on some maps. But what i want is that 250 on ALL maps.

Again Thanks for taking the time to read my post!
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  1. More Ram would help, but depending on the resolution you play at (I imagine it is rather low) you may be better off upgrading the CPU.

    That being said, a compatable CPU (socket 939 i assume) would be difficult to find for a fair price. DDR ram is rediculously cheep on newegg, even though it is quite out dated (another gig would cost you only $30). Not going to find a cheeper upgrade.

    You could get a infinitely supperior PC for the winnings from a local COD tournament though, ;)
  2. yes, i know i can and im not worried about that. I am happy with the PC i play on now, i just wish i could get more FPS and have a faster PC. The resolution probably is a NEW CPU, but ill give the RAM a try.
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