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Over the past year or so, the inside of my case and motherboard have accumulated a lot of dust...particularly around the fan areas. I'm also concerned about dust buildup on my CPU heatsink. What is a safe way to completely clean everything out? All I can think of so far is electrical spray. Thanks in advance for your comments.
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  1. aero klene 50, you can use it to clean the componments and everything the chips bios ram..makesure no power is running even the bios battery and then dry it and there u go
  2. aero klene 50 is the best stuff if you live in the UK or any place like that. I doubt you can get it in the US because of the eco freaks
  3. I use a vacuum cleaner with one of those crevice tools attached to the flexible hose to get out the major accumulations of dust and cobwebs inside the chassis, fans, slots, and other areas, I just stay away from touching the actual PCB and IC chips. I then use an approx. 2" paint brush with fairly stiff bristles to dust off the PCB and IC. I have used the vacuum cleaner on those areas, too, but it makes me a little nervous. Thus far, I have never had any zapping incidents.

    Compressed air can force dust into crevices just as well as it can flush dust out of them. Vacuum cleaners pull the dust out rather than just pushing it around, and doesn't produce a cloud of dust that requires taking it outdoors to blow out. I used to spend $12 ~ $15 / month on that stuff, even buying bulk multipacks.
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