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I was hoping to figure ask you guys if you know of a specific website, or forum that deals with the selling/trading of computer components. I got two of the same gift for my birthday and I am definitely not needing to have two EVGA 580 GTX's. Thank you for the help and I am willing to sell if for a good deal!
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  1. My birthday is comming up . . . just pass it through. :lol: Only know e-bay and stuff, but maybe there is a specific site. Where are you selling from anyway ?
  2. Why not SLI them?

    But if you want to sell one either eBay or a site like Note you have to be somewhat known on the forums before people will buy them from you.

    But unless you need the cash, SLI those bad boys.
  3. What brand and model and what are you expecting to get.
  4. I posted it on craigslist so if you want to take a look please do. Also i am located in the Atlanta area.
  5. As Aftcomet said usually you need to be known on forums before you can sell. If you have no idea what heatware at best, or beerology is at worst you'll have a hard time selling.

    You could offer to ship first. Just make sure you do your homework first. The best forum I know of to sell stuff requires you to have a 50 post count in forums OTHER then their FS/FT forum so even if I told you you couldn't post there.
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  7. I would totally SLI those if I "accidentally got 2" ;)

    In all seriousness, I buy/sell a lot of stuff on Anandtech (requires an account to see) and [H]ardForum (requires 50 posts to list, but none to contact other members who have a listing up).

    New 580s run ~$450 and used ones go for ~$350, so I'd say that if your card is still BNIB, you could could most likely have an easy sale for $400-425.
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