WTS: Almost Complete Gaming Build for $250 OBO


I'm moving to an i5 and looking to sale my current system. A few things will transfer to my new build, here's the complete list of everything I'm offering for sale.

EVGA 790i Ultra SLi
Q6600 G0 Stepping
4GB (2 sticks) DDR3 Ram
MSi 8800 GTS

Everything is in perfect condition, nothing has been OC aside from the chip.
The Q6600 has been clocked to a mild 3.0 and runs at 40 degrees idle - 50 degrees under load.
Extremely stable build and well taken care of.

$300 OBO + shipping (depends on where you're located)

Everything will be boxed and shipped with extreme care. Can accomodate all requests for information and pictures for any serious inquire.

You can contact me here, or e-mail me at

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  1. If you have to part it i'm interested in the MOBO!
  2. I'd prefer not to, but if the price is right I'd strongly consider it. PM or e-mail me an offer. Thanks.

    Also, for those interested in everything I'd be willing to go as low as $275
  3. I can go as low as $250 if buyer pays paypal charges.

    I can also take pics of the hardware for any serious inquires.
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