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Do you guys have any idea when the P4C800E-DLX will be released? Because I have a P4C800 but I could exchange it if the new, revised motherboard ships within say a month... do you guys know anything about this and whether or not the new chip (forget the name but it's also featured on the 865PE set) will perform better than its seemingly little brother?
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  1. Does anyone have any speculations on this or any information regarding the revision? If, say, for example the boards are to be released within the month, the next or the next few months.
  2. I would be very appreciative for any information regarding a release date as this is important to me (I can exchange my current P4C800-DX for the revision... but until then I can't use my PC).
  3. If you already have the P4C800, then I would say use it. Besides my problems with the processor, the motherboard is great. Unless you really need the extras (the 'E' version comes with the Intel Ethernet instead of the 3COM and stuff, right?) I think you will be happy with it.
  4. Thanks for replying. Though you may be right, I'd still be interested if performance statistics look appealing. Also, one important question: Do you have any idea when it'll be released?
  5. Here is a thread about it over at ARS:
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    It says 6/16 in that thread, but I don't have anything to back that up.

    And a link to buy it at NewEgg:
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    And the ASUS official page:
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