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Anyone know good website that compare pc and console version of games?
If someone know anything about these please guide me through.As a pc gamer i really need see if there's real difference.
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  1. Well, the site provided by michaelmk86 has opened my eyes to the real hard differences between PC and consoles visuals. As a PC gamer I've also read that it handles much higher resolutions, better shadows, lights and anti aliasing than it's console "siblings", so providing more eye candy.

    The only bad point about PC gaming are poor console porting and performance issues, such as the never solved GTA IV stuttering problem that haunts me and many higher end PC users.

  2. Bad porting works in both directions. Games originally promgrammed for consoles have limited control interface - though I could be wrong I have yet to see a PS3 game that uses a keyboard. But there is definately the odd dodgy PC - console port knocking around so its not all one sided.

    PC Advantage - as mentioned higher spec hardware, though high end GPU / CPU combos can be very pricey the end result can be a better looking / playing game.

    Console Advantage - put the disc in and you know the game will run - no driver updates or tweaking etc... basic hardware is cheaper too..

    At the end of the day you get what you pay for. Cant deny some console games look and play great on a 32/40" LCD TV... but then so does many games @ 1900 x 1200 resolution pn a PC.
  3. In my opinion, if you have to ask whether PC gaming is 'better' than console gaming, then you should clean your cranium out with soap and water, it's a no brainer.

    PC gaming (and I mean PC in the personal computing sense, i.e. Spectrums, Commodore 64 etc) always have and always will be a cut above console gaming. Console gaming is a populist, simple, low brow form of entertainment.

    Playing games on a PC is much harder to do compared to a console which is why folk with only a few brain cells buy consoles and espouse their gaming virtues (because they can't work PC's out).

    If you are reasonably clever, want a tool to surf the net and do work, and LOVE gaming, then there is only one choice for you my friend and it's not the new itchifanni 500 gaming console.

    Long live the PC
  4. @AC3144. I disagree with you there slightly. Don't get me wrong I love PC gaming and it is the ultimate technical acheivement when it comes to what can be done, but as a gaming 'experience' I'm sorry but the xbox wins this one, even if graphically it's not as good as the PC and the games are somewhat scripted. Online the xbox is fantastic.

    Each PC game has it's own online portal which may or may not work and from experience has been very laggy when I've played. Compare that to xbox live, which is dumbed down no doubt about it, but it works and works very well when you just want to get on and slot your mates with an MP5 in COD4.

    I've been down the PC route for years and eventually had to realise that I cannot afford the constant upgrade costs, no matter how much I love new kit. Try explaining to your 3 year old, let alone your Mrs, that a new computer is better than a week on the beach - I bet you can't. The xbox on the other hand is less than the price of a decent graphics card and I've so far had a much better online experience than I ever did on the PC to the point that I no longer play any single player games.

    Yeah there are titles such as X3, which will only ever be PC-based, and I would buy a PC just for that if I had the cash, but other than that I only want to play FPS's like COD4 and they are all available on the xbox.

    So which is best? What can you afford, what games do you want to play, and do you want to play online? Ultimately it's up to you.
  5. Not to mention the expansive life options that a PC carries with it, buy yourself a new CPU, or a new GPU or two, or a bigger screen and you can add another two years of life to your system... if like ulysses35 said you're willing to spend. Even spare old parts can be used to build another lower end PC, and so on.

    Add to that the fact that PC has a considerably wide spectrum of compatible games, if not the widest, even crappy ports, and free online gaming, so it's superiority above consoles it's out of discussion, in my opinion.

    @ac3144 you're utmost right, I had to choose from a PS3 and a new PC, and I picked up this machine, for it provides me with enjoyable gaming as well as with productivity.

  6. @Shaunpugh- Yeah I see what you are saying and I understand completely re the wife and kids!. Console gaming is ideal for it's limited purpose, what gets my goat is when console gamers try to convince others that it is comparable to PC gaming when IMO it most definitely isn't.

    I agree that PC gaming is more expensive, but I don't think it's that much more expensive when you take into account the cost of new games, live subscription, multi controllers etc. I also think that you may have had a bum deal online with your PC, it's much better now than it used to be.

    When I win the lottery, I'll buy a nice new i7 system so we can bring you back to the fold, how's that ;)
  7. Sorry of the late reply guys.Thanks for the information and your thoughts but pc vs console and especial thanks for "ct1615" showing me the right direction (ign).Higher resolution and textures make visually pc version far more superior to console version and joystick on consoles couldn't come nowhere near to the keyboard-mouse preciseness.Console certainly win over pc form price point but pc is far more superior when considering on all the other terms,so yes we have to pay extra to play games on pc but when comparing to experience and game play quality console its certainly worth it.

    Consoles are fine they should exist as a gaming platform but i hate to hear these days people are talking hyper about consoles some times they even call it industry standards,so i hate consoles and gamers who playing on it.Here are some comparative screen shots i found.

  8. PC is winner (higher resolutions, better/more advanced graphics, more powerful, you can tweak and....etc
    -If you think about it for some reason a really good gaming computer could cost like thousands of dollars and a console is like a couple hundred bucks, what kind of hardware could possibly be inside for a couple hundred bucks cmon.
  9. Cost being no option, PC wins hands down everytime. But in realworld usage, the average person wouldn't know how to build their own budget gaming PC. These people will go to Dell or HP or another pre-built supplier, who, without fail, charge 2-3 times what it costs to do it yourself, should you have the know how.

    The VAST majority of people will get a more cost efficient, and less stressful gaming experience going with a console. Gaming is supposed to be fun, and this large group of gamers without the tech know how, will have a blast with a plug-n-play console. Calling console gamers down for not being a PC hobbyist is downright idiotic in itself.

    I have built my own gaming rigs for over 10 years. I have been a console gamer the entire time as well (and for 15 years before that, hah). I LOVE GAMES and every platform brings me joy in a different way. I might enjoy Fallout3 more on my computer, but that doesn't take away from the EXACT SAME GAME minus the graphical increase. Placing shine over gameplay and replayability is for the extreme hobbyist who requires a 3Dmark score to equate their self worth to, NOT for the very large majority of gamers who support the industry enough to cater to the extreme minority of boutique users.

    The economy of scale (30million + 360s, 22million+ PS3s) will allow a console to provide hardware at much lowered price as compared to PC parts. Try replicate a CELL based PC for 400 dollars, or a 360 cloned PC for less than 200... it is not possible. Over time, the price points on these consoles drop, because of the economy of scale, and every year, the cost of entry into playing on console hardware gets lower. Sure in the same timeframe PC parts drop in price (until discontinued and demand outstrips supply) because there are no single parts that are produced in the raw volumes of consoles.

    Only when I built this computer several months ago (with a 4870 512 originally) was I able to emulate PS2 games to a higher quality than what the PS2 provides. This doesn't mean that an almost 11 year old console is more powerful than my brand new PC. But it definitely highlights the importance of NOT trying to compare apples and oranges.
  10. blackhawk1928 said:
    PC is winner (higher resolutions, better/more advanced graphics, more powerful, you can tweak and....etc
    -If you think about it for some reason a really good gaming computer could cost like thousands of dollars and a console is like a couple hundred bucks, what kind of hardware could possibly be inside for a couple hundred bucks cmon.

    Totally man totally............console is box with out-dated hardware.
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