motherboard issues

My system recently became unstable at an FSB of 133 MHz, it just started crashing again and again.. many manual clears of the cmos memory later, I have it running fine at an FSB of 100 MHz. I didn't change hardware or software at all, it just decided it didnt like something I guess.

Is there a standard way to fix this kind of problem? I was thinking about raising voltages maybe, but i don't wanna fry anything, heh.

System specs:

Athlon xp 1700+
Abit KG7
2 x 256 crucial DDR 2100
maxtor 60 gb
geforce 2 gts
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  1. check the power supply with a new one.

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  2. I'm using a 350 W power supply from I believe enermax.. cost me like 60 bucks and is still working now. I'll see if a friend has an extra supply lying around I can try.
    Any other ideas? Perhaps it would be more stable if I increased the voltage to the processor or the ram? Thanks
  3. so this set up was working fine and all of a sudden it conked? The processor is a 1700+ so it <b>should</b> run at 133 FSB. Try increasing the Core voltage in steps of .1V upto 1.8V. I am personally using a 1700+ at 1.92V. I have overclocked it to 2137MHZ (2700+). SO it is OK to raise the core Voltage by a small amount, say .2 or .25V.

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  4. What are your core and memory voltages as well as its memory settings?
    I have XP1600+ (Palomino core) overclocked to 1644MHz (11.5*143) on KG7-RAID w/o problem.
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  5. Yep the system was running fine, and then just started having issues. It doesn't crash continuously, but I rarely get it to stay up past an hour or two at the full clock speed.

    Here are the voltages from the bios:
    Vcore = 1.75 V
    I/O = 3.5 V
    DDR = 2.65 V

    My PC health status tells me the following:
    Vcore = 1.82 V
    3.3V => 3.53 V
    5 V => 5.15 V
    12 V => 12.45 V

    For the DDR ram settings (rise/fall slew rates and all that good stuff) I have it set to 5:5:3:2 ... not sure if thats optimal or not, somehow I doubt I'm taking full advantage of the ram capabilities, but its always been set that way.

    I can try raising the core voltage, but I'm not sure why this problem didn't happen before. I've never tried to overclock this rig, so as far as i know the voltages have always been that way.

    Thanks for any input you can give
  6. I would still look at the power supply. My system was still working but was a little unstable. I got to checking and came to the conclusion my power supply was bad. I took it out and opened up. Sure unuff i had tweaked capacitor. I already had an idea my 300 watt wasn't going to be unuff when i started putting all these goodies in it.
    Any waY gOOD LUCK!!!!
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