which mobo would you buy? and why.

I am going to get a p4 2.8 800fbs. Only thing is i need a mobo for it. I have read many articals but I want your views on which mobo to buy.

MSI 865PE Neo 2
ASUS P4P800 Deluxe
Abit IS7 (is the IS7-G worth the extra money over the IS7?)
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  1. Anandtech awarded the IS7 the "editors choice award". You can see a full board comparison at their website.

    I'd go with either the IS7 or P4P800. No, I don't think the added features for the -G or Deluxe are worth the added expense, but they may be worth it to you.

    I prefer the outputs on the IS7 over any Asus board, but the P4P800 has an internal joystick header which I would also like to have (I have a super awesome joystick).

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