Phenom II x4 840 and Deus Ex for under $100?

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  1. That's not a crazy deal considering the Phenom II x4 840 is actually a "mislabeled" Athlon II (no L3 cache definitive for true Phenoms). The Phenom II x4 955BE is occassionally only $100 and so I'd expect the 840 to be $80. $20 for a game isn't a crazy deal since Steam often does 75% off sales.

    It's a decent deal--but not one I'd bite on if I was in the market for a CPU. I'd skip the game and get an unlocked Phenom II x4 (or an Intel).
  2. The cheapest this game has been offered for is 40 by amazon, which was a limited time, and it went back up to 60. It's not going to be dropping anytime soon since it's almost guaranteed to be goty.
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