Need a good retail online multiplayer game.

Need a good game =\

Just built new build only to realise there are no good games out lawl.

Bought Red Alert 3, didn't work online for some stupid reason ( running xp 64 ).

Bought Dawn of War 2 only for it to be a squad based strategy instead of base building -.- ? Plus multiplayer matchmaking on it is gaaaaaay.

Tried to take Red Alert back to shop today + couldn't trade in for crysis ( been so long since I've paid for a PC game from a *real* shop and tried to return, they wouldn't trade for crysis due to the piracy scene obviously [bwahahhaha] .)

So I'm left playing Americas Army 3 (which is stupidly buggy), sins of a solar empire ( good game. ), Warhammer online ( worst game ever, runescape is better, even without wildy lol ), Tom clancys H A W X ( good game for online gaming but not my cup of tea ) and CIV 3 I downloaded lol.

I like strategy, FPS, flight/space sims, online rpgs.

Any help lads lol ?

DO I HAVE TO GAME ON MY 360 ? :'( ?

P.S anyone know what crysis multiplayer is like ?
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  1. Do you like zombie shooting? Left 4 Dead is a riot and runs pretty smoothly. The multiplayer for it is really fun. You can do normal maps where it is 4 people vs the computer zombies or you can do Vs mode where you can play as some of the zombies and attack the people.

    They opened up the SDK too, so now there are some good maps that you can dl for free.
  2. I recommend Prototype (fantastic game), Left4Dead as above for multiplayer, Team Fortress 2 for manic fun, Unreal 3 for fps craziness, Plants Vs Zombies for a zany but addictive laugh, Mirrors Edge for it's intense parkour gamplay and stunning design.

    Oh and Grid if you like driving games, it simply rocks.

    That should keep you going for a while, and all those I mentioned can be downloaded from either Steam or the EAStore.

    And Crysis Wars is ok, but I much prefer other fps multiplayers.
  3. WoW?

    WW2 online, not brilliant graphics but I find it extremely addictive, but alos extremely annoying sometimes :)
  4. If u have a few hours free gaming time per day I would recommend World of Warcraft. I have tried many MMO's this is the only one that will last. Age of Conan is much better now (compared to how it was a year ago), have been playing it for the last week now. It's real good with amazing graphics if your PC can handle them, but WOW still has the edge. It's still the best. Warhammer was so hyped but doesnt play as good as WOW. Played it for 2 weeks don't wanna go back to that ever again. Shooters (FPS) are excellent but IMO boring after a week or two. No thinking involved.
    Get WOW. 12 million active subscribers can't be wrong
  5. Left 4 Dead, especially since the sdk is out. Im loving the new maps! Go for Eve online if you want some space flight pew pew action, GRID or trackmaniafor driving funtimes. BF2 TF2 or COD4 for FPS, I tried ARMA2 but i dont like. Erm LOTRO for your MMORPG. Well those are my faves anyhoo
  6. Played WoW don't really like its PvP you can't kill and take their st00f, I don't like mmo's like that, I bought Warhammer Online thinking it would be different but its just the same as WoW. Ended my subscription.

    Think ima have to buy unreal 3, used to play the first one + was nice online so I doubt its changed much.

    Got COD + BF2 + BF2142, still play cod + bf2 a lil.

    Doubt Ill buy left 4 dead, dont really like how you have to run through a campaign online :( rather just pown people on custom maps on other games.

    Im downloading prototype right now.

    Looks like 09 won't be a good year for pc gaming :(
  7. +1 for prototype as well but thats single player only. Awesome fun throwing people off skyscrapers and chopping things up tho :)
  8. And isnt there a new Aliens Vs Predator and Aliens Colonial Marines coming out later this year. They look tasty!
  9. kronik2k said:
    Looks like 09 won't be a good year for pc gaming :(

    Depends on your viewpoint I suppose. I'm looking at the list of upcoming titles and wondering if I can sell a kidney.
  10. red alert 3 has ran flawlessly (as an EA game can run) on all my versions of windows 7 x64.

    the games that take up my time right now are L4D and RA3.

    americas army 3 is out (i got it on steam.) its free, graphically intensive AND you'll be doing the american army a service (could be considered a pro or con.)

    advanced dungeons and dragons online is moving to free 2 play.

    citiesXL beta is out. (its pretty cool, if you are into sim city.) its also MMO.

    mechwarrior4 is being released for free, with several addons and mekpaks included. working multiplayer. should be fantastic. lets hope for raised resolutions and widescreen (theyre trying.)

    one to keep an eye on is mech warrior living legends, a crysis mod. im on the edge of my seat waiting for that one.

    long live mechwarrior!
  11. l4d for fps. wow for mmorpg ^^
  12. You could also try Darkfall if you're into fantasy MMORPGs.
  13. Killing Floor, Demigod

    Crysis multiplayer is full of hacks and software pirates
  14. Call of Duty 4 is my current favorite fps. I got the COD world at war but it didn't have the awe factor of COD4... Especially the single player.

    Supreme Commander is an exceptional RTS. Very steep learning curve but I think its the best thing going right now.. Look for the gold edition that includes the expansion. Its kinda like old starcraft on steroids a little slower pace but very important having ability to micro.

    I also play company of heros a little, but I can't recommend that. Its hard finding a match multiplayer, and I don't really care for the unit control and interface. Hard to play so zoomed in all the time after playing Sup Com. Its fun for a change of pace but I would wait for something better to come out. Namely starcraft 2
  15. Definitely Left4Dead! FTW! ^^
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