GTX 460 Hawk for $100 at NCIXUS Opening Sale

So NCIX has finally expanded into US properly. Appears that they are trying to come out swinging, with 99.99 GTX 460 (after $30MIR, however), Seasonic S12II 620W for $50 :o and even Vertex 3 120GB for $150 (again, $20MIR, but still). More:

Well, the more competition the merrier for the customers!

I'll go through the sale once I get home and post the whatever else epic deals they have.
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  1. WOuld it be worth to spend this, or save up for the GTX 560 Ti ?
  2. Linus from tech tips will be there.

    Hes a good guy, and lots of giveaways are going to be done there.

    You should tell him hey I really like your yotube channel and how you subscribe to him blah blah blah and you should probably get some free swagger or comp stuff =D.
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