Problem with my new computer, 2.8c P4, Intel i785

I just bought a new computer, but I cannot get any operating system to work.... I always get screens similar to this: .. That is under Windows XP. I'm running an Intel P4 2.8c w/the Asus P4C800 Deluxe mobo, Kingston HyperX ram (2x512MB), and two Western Digital hard drives running RAID-0. I've disabled all the motherboard devices (ie networking, sound card, etc) except for the onboard RAID controller. I've updated the BIOS; I have updated drivers for the Promise RAID controller. What am I doing wrong? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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  1. This is an Inaccessible_Boot_Device error. Depending on where you were, the troubleshooting is a bit different. If you haven't installed XP yet, then you probably just don't have the right drivers. If you already have XP installed, then something else is wrong.

    Let us know a bit about where you are seeing the error. i.e. Do you have XP installed and partially working, then it explodes? The more information about the situation surrounding the error, the better.
  2. The first time it happened was a few minutes into logging on to WinXP for the first time. I've reformatted a few times since, and sometimes I get the error a split second after the "loading Windows XP" screen is shown on startup, and other times I get the error in the middle of a Windows session, usually when I'm trying to access a file, downloading something, etc. As for the current installation I have now, I can't even log onto to XP, not even in safe mode. I've tried running w/out RAID, but I still have the same problem.

    On a side note... when I boot up, the speaker beeps twice, and according to Asus that's a parity error. What's a parity error?
  3. There is something fishy with your RAM or the options you have set for it in the BIOS. Parity = ECC (memory)

    Inspect the BIOS for anything suspicious and try using only 1 stick of RAM.
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