Help Me!! Intel Mobo D845PEBT2 system problem

Loaded Win2000 followed by SP3 with no problem. Then I tried to load the latest chipset drivers and the system latched (or froze)! I tried all of the different methods Intel published to get it to accept the chipset drivers with the same result. I even RMA’d the mobo and processor with no change. Finally after about 6 clean installs of Win2000 SP3 I managed to get the drivers in without a latch-up. Probably just the chance of trying it enough times. The device manager showed all drivers installed correctly so I thought my problems were behind me. Nope.
A few days later I got an error in the Event Manager indicating ntfs file system corruption. Chkdsk runs on the next boot up and finds numerous problems and fixes them except for once where I lost some data. This ntfs corruption has been happening every few days since I completed the system. Here’s what I’ve tried:

Memory: I have run SimmTester's "DocMemory" RAM Diagnostic software for over 100 hours with no problems found.
Power and heat: I’ve kept an eye on these using Intel’s Active Monitor software and all looks good.
Burn in: I even ran 3Dmark2001 SE for 11 hours continuously and no problem occurred.

Please.. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I might debug the ntfs file corruption problem??

Here is my system:
Intel Desktop Board D845PEBT2
Windows 2000
Bios version: Latest.
Processor: Intel P4, 2.66G
Memory: Two sticks of Kingston KHX2700/512. 1G total.
AGP Video model: MSI|GF4 MX440-T8X
Sound manufacturer: On-Board Audio.
Sony DVD-ROM on Primary IDE.
Hard Drive: Seagate ST380013AS, SATA, 80GB on Primary SATA port. No RAID.
Case and Power: Antec Sonata Case with True Power 380s PSU
PCI Cards: None installed.
Virus: Norton Virus Scan 2003.
Office 2000, SP3.
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  1. I still need help on this! Is this problem too challenging?
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