Hi. I have a virus checker and lately it found a trojan horse virus attached to Desktop.exe which I'm guessing is a windows file to control the desktop. The virus checker cannot remove the virus though. How do I get rid of it. Can I take this file from another computer and replace it?
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  1. Chances are that is the Trojan. There is no file in 2k/xp that is named desktop.exe. The versions of Windows that may have it are pre-98 ones. The file that controls the desktop is explorer.exe.

    What you have to do is start your computer in safe mode (just click the F8 key a lot while your computer is booting so it brings up the option screen,) push ctrl-alt-delete and make sure desktop.exe isn't listed on the processes and then proceed to do a search on it to delete it. It would also be a wise choice to run any virus/adware detection programs while you're in safe mode.

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  2. thanks for the help.
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