Oblivion and Fable:TLC will not work on my PC

I bought Oblivion and Fable today but the games wont launch on my PC. My issue for Fable is that when I launch the game, it gives me this error message:

Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library
It said that the application has requested runtime to terminate in an unusual way.

My problem for Oblivion IV is that when I launch the game, and it told me that binkw32.dll was missing. I googled it and installed it and placed it into my Oblivion folder. I tried to launch the game again and the screen turned black for less than a second and it tells me that Oblivion has stopped working. My drivers are all up to date, and my gaming rig should be able to run this. So far I have tried running as administrator and tried running with XP sp2 compatibility. Can somebody help me please?

System Specs:
HD 4870
4GB Ram
3Ghz Duo Core
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  1. A quick search of my harddrive showed the binkw32.dll file in numerous game folders. Each one had a different file size. Are you sure you got the right version? Reinstall your games, if you haven't already, and run windows update, just for the heck of it. Naturally these should be done as an administrator.
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