Sandy bridge sli 3d vision for sale

Hello, i have a super computer i personally built up for sale. It's a little over 3 months old and all the parts were purchased from frys in wilsonville. I have built over 20 computers for myself, friends, family and im currently a quarter away from graduating with my computer electronics engineering degree from itt tech. So i know what im doing and stand behind the quality of this machine one hundred percent. I built the pc with battlefield 3 and being future proof in mind ( bf3 beta runs at over 100fps on ultra ;) ). I'm trying to get together enough money to move out with my fiance and baby. Living with the future inlaws while i finish school isn't turning out as well as i had hoped.... imagine that heh. This pc is in perfect shape and all you will to play any game on ultra settings. Battlefield bad company 2 runs at 180-220fps on all high with 32x anti aliasing for an example. Crysis 2 stays above 80fps with dx11 texture/tessellation update. Make me an offer, no low-balling... the videos cards cost me nearly $700 alone. I know im missing a couple things.... so much to list. Thanks for looking at my add, email me with questions or if you want pictures.

I Got flagged for no reason... please send me an email before hand if you have an issue with my add.

Viewsonic 120hz 22 inch wide screen 3D ready monitor with nvidia 3D vision glasses kit
Dell 19 inch with wall mount ( currently mounted above the 22 inch to save space on my desk )

Logitech g15 gaming keyboard with lcd display
Logitech g500 gaming mouse
Logitech attack 3 usb joystick
Logitech dual action controller

Desktop computer:
Thermaltake armor a90 case
DvD/DvDr/DvDrw cd drive
msi p67a-gd55 motherboard
Thermaltake tr2 rx 750w power supply
4 gb ddr3 1600 ( all you need for any game or app )
2 nvidia gtx570s in sli ( future proof ) video cards
I5 2500k sandy bridge 3.4ghz cpu ( overclocks past 4.5ghz with ease )
Thermaltake cpu cooler
150 gb 15000 rpm velociraptor hard drive (can include a 1tb if needed)

Astro a40 pro gaming headset with mix amp $250 new
$100 left and right logitech speakers ( update with model if requested )
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  1. the second monitor is an acer AL1916... idk why i thought it was a dell ****
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