Computer Shuts Down All the Time, HELP

If I didnt have a big enough power supply, would that contribute to my computer always shutting down in windows or freezing when I play games? When I check my cpu temp. its around 145-150F when it shuts down or freezes. What could my problem be?

System Specs:
MSI K7N2 NForce MotherBoard
AMD Athlon XP 2200+
256Mb Crucial DDR 333 Ram
ATI Radeon 2700 128Mb
Maxtor 40Gb HD

I'm not sure about the power supply, but I dont think thats its more than 300W (at most). More likely around 250W. What else could the problem be if its not the power supply?
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  1. Sounds like your CPU temp is too high... you're over 60 degrees C and that's too hot. What kind of heat sink and fan are you using on the CPU? Are you using thermal paste? Try remounting it to make sure it is making good contact with the CPU. What voltage are you using for that chip? That's the T-bred and should run about 1.6 volts to the CPU.

    You need to get the CPU temps down before you worry about the power supply.

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  2. But also MSI had a few probs with temp reading in the early BIOS's. Maybe you should try updating your BIOS to see if there is any difference in the temp reading. Then you might be able to worry about the power supply.

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  3. does the graphics card have an extra power assist plug on it, if so try plugging it in, im guessing thats your problem lack of power to the video card...if not i think your right on the money with the power supply, however they are right about your processor running too hot, it needs to be no hotter then 125 degrees, if it is constantly running as hot as you say then you need to put a super cooling solution on it to try and get the temperature down...and of course keeping your Bios up to date as the other guy suggested is always a good idea, cuz you never know what kind of bugs are in there.

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