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I'm looking for an rts game with a large competetive online community. I currently play warcraft 3 and thats the only rts ive ever competetively played. Im looking for a game thats balanced, fun and popular.
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  1. I think World in Conflict has a good online community still. Awesome game, either way.
  2. Try sins of a solar empire ownage RTS but you'll need the expansion for large community
  3. i play red alert 3 right now, to satisfy my RTS needs.

    EA is fairly terrible. the game is fun enough tho. im not sure if i could consider the community hardcore. there are always lots of players tho.
  4. Hello.

    Try going to gamereplays.org . They cover about 20 RTS games in depth. It would be nice if some website covered average number of players per day for games. I can see the immediate pr problems with that, but it would still be nice.
    Generally my favorite games are RTS. Faster than RPG and slower than FPS.
  5. Age Of Empires 3 with its expansions should have a strong online community.
  6. Have a look at Empire Total War! (The sequal to ROME) Its a mix of RTS and CIV
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