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Hi I have a windows 7 as a OS and am having problems with what appears to be random icons simply loosing their origonal graphics apperance. I have lost the graphics for outlook 2010 on task bar and in start menu as is the case with the iTunes graphics ? they both work in that the icons when clicked on open the program however its a pain and shouldnt happen, can you assist please ?
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  1. This happens to me with updates to itunes - whenever i update itunes, it will require me to delete its shortcut and re-pin to taskbar to get its icon back

    for outlook - im not so sure as i have the same, but never loose its icon... but try the above for this as well (might also have to do with microsoft updates to office products - but like i said never happens to me)

    also itunes is the only program i have on my taskbar that does this (chrome - outlook 2010 - windows media player - itunes - steam - photoshop cs5 - photoshop cs4 - 3d studio max 2011 64bit - hulu desktop)
  2. thanks, however my itune & outlook icons have lost their graphics as desktop icons as well as if they are in the taskbar. Also when I click start and go to the default icons in start menu the itunes and outlook icons are there have also lost graphics ?
  3. you need to rebuild your icon cache... gimme a min. ill post a link

    here ya go
  4. thanks heaps will try now
  5. run out of time will try later today - thanks again
  6. Apprentice your toooo good - it worked a treat, all back to normal and notes made for future refernce - thanks heaps
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