Battlefield 2 crash during reinstall

Hey guys, a few weeks ago my cousins and I wanted to play Battlefield 2 on the PC on an internet or lan game. We have good cdkeys, we purchased 4 keys, and all of our coumpeters have ran the game previously. We had to reinstall however to get different cdkeys due to prevoius installations on our computers and after the installations begins and disk 2 is supposed to go in, the screens says "insert disk 2, please retry?" and then crash after the disk is put in and asks to reinstall from the beginning. I am clueless, but need to play the game. Any suggestions?? Thanks. JD. :)
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  1. What happens when you use a virtual image?
  2. I'm sorry, I'm sorry, but what is a virtual image?
  3. 1. Are you sure you have the correct disc inserted?
    2. Which version do you own (How many DVD's or CD's came with the game and does it come with the expansion)?
    3. Is the game fully patched?
    4. Sometimes BF2 is flacky and it is best go through each patch incrementally.
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