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Does anyone know of a creative way I can use sysprep to install a new motherboard with a totally different chipset without having to reinstall windows 2000?

I am going from a Epox 8kha to a Asus A7n8x deluxe (rev2) motherboard.

I'd like to be able to retain my installation of Windows 2000, as it was just recently re-installed when I moved my backup mainboard to my machine, after a critical hardware failure.

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  1. I'm not too sure but I think it may be possible. Sysprep is used to prepare a machine to be ghosted, as soon as you reboot after running that it'll do a redetection of hardware. So you may want to try using Sysprep, when it shuts down <b> DO NOT</b> power up again until the HW has been switched. I'm not too sure if it'll work that way but you can give it a shot. Be sure to post what happens, I'd like to know if that works.

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  2. i dont know if this works in 2000 but its good for win98se. just boot using a startup disc and reinstall windows. it doesnt overwrite any settings or data it just repairs windows basically. like i said i dont know if this works in 2000 as ive only ever tried it in win98. give it a shot if nothing else works
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