Supreme Commander

I am considering buying this game from Direct2Drive, it's on sale for $14.95.
I know it had good reviews for the multiplayer aspect but I am more interested in the single player. Is the sp gameplay long, short, was there a good story etc...
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  1. i didnt get this game when it came out. a year and a bit later, i picked it up because the reviews RAVED about it. i convinced my friend to get it as well.

    we never really got past the graphics... everything looks the same, and bland.

    we dont play it anymore. we play red alert 3. probably not as good as a game technically, but it sure looks nice. ^^
  2. Thanks for the reply, so you would recommend C&C over this game?
  3. it really depends on you. some people would call me absolutely mad for ever suggesting such a thing. supreme commander is known for its HUGE maps. you can also scroll your view up very high, letting you see lots (or all) of the map at once. in many ways, this game is above and beyond the others.

    on the other hand red alert 3 is fun and has a large community.
  4. yeah..hundreds of units swarming..jet fighters and tactical missiles nuke will take a while to reach its target, its like intercontinental battle..micro manage ur economy.. i played it for a while,finished all 3 factions but i got bored with it too quickly.. if you're huge fan of super massive battle..then i suggest you to buy it..might as well buy a used one -cheaper.
  5. Imo supreme commander was ''meh'' although forged alliance really did it for me. A great game in many aspects,but better b ready with some high overclocked dual core or quad, since it eats cpu power, i find it a pain to play onlince since there r many ppl running the game on to high graph sets/ or with old p4's either way it becomes unplayable after 20 min on large maps with lotsa units. So i often find my self playing solo vs Ai just so i have solid gameplay
  6. I just saw the game at Target for $10, I might buy it and play it in the future. My comp can handle it and I really don't care about the mp aspect. I look for the sp enjoyment. Good base building, AI, units, strategy etc..

    Thanks to all for your info.
  7. I played this game for a while with my was simply okay. There are a few bugs that tend to come up from time to time. When the game is turned on medium high it would tend to crash every once and a while. All 4 of the machines that we were using were using the fully patched version of the game. I have also played C&C 3. C&C 3 and C&C Red Alert 2 are much shorter games. The learning curve for the C&C series is a lot lower. SC involves lots of micro managing and long playing time but I guess it all depends on what playing style you like.
  8. lol, that was the 1st comp I ever built :D
  9. Mine wasn't the only one that crashed. Both my friends where running PCs with Q6600's and 9600GTs.
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