New EVGA GTX 560 Superclocked 2GB GDDR5 PCIe 2.0 for sale.220.00 USD

Get it in time for Battlefield 3!Like I said its new and unused.
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  1. People don't seem to be clicking on the Ebay link so I'll just post the information here.
    "You are buying a new and unused EVGA GTX 560 Superclocked 2GB graphics card.The card has been factory overclocked slightly for better performance so Ebay's spec listings are lower than they should be and comes with everything that it should, just as in a retail purchase.The card is so new in fact that I haven't tested it so refunds based on part failure are acceptable but do to EVGA's craftsmanship this is unlikely.The box was opened just to make sure everything was inside and to retrieve the UPC code."
    All of the parts are still in their origin plastic rap.Shipping is 10.95 via medium flat rate box.
  2. Price is now 200.00.
  3. Item sold.
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