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hi! just installed bf 2142 on vista and after the map loads up the game is like laggy,but its not lag,just not smooth,stops every 5 seconds,for a ms of second and then it keeps going,i cant explain this very well,but when i play offline the game works great,so i think its a network problem...?
id like to post a video but i dont know how to do it,do i need a program?i ve never done that,im a n00bie.
once i upload the video you will see..cheers
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  1. Check your ping by holding tab I think. You should be able to see everyone's to compare. Do you ever get booted because of your ping? Have you installed the most recent patch? Also, do you have your most recent vga drivers?
  2. hi, yes, i did check my ping and its normal,(23)i only get kicked when someone else s using the wireless,so my ping goes up high and well...and you know what i did,i made a manual uninstall of the game and a clean install plus installed latest PB service. uninstalled the sound and graphics drivers, and installed the latest ones,i have to say that the game runs better,but the problem is not solved,it keeps happening,but not too often.
  3. Hmmm....have you defragged your HD in a while? What OS do you run? I am wondering if you have Vista with that 2GB of RAM and perhaps could be running a little short from time to time and get the lags. BF isn't too demanding of a game but if you have Vista, it could be taking up a lot of your RAM.

    Perhaps you could try getting rid of background apps to free up your RAM and see if that helps.
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