FS: EVGA GTX 550 Ti 1GB 192-bit --- $90 shipped!

SOLD!!! :sol:

EVGA 01G-P3-1556-KR GeForce GTX 550 Ti (Fermi) FPB 1GB 192-bit GDDR5
- Core: 951 mhz
- Shader: 1903 mhz
- Memory: 4356 mhz
- Stream processors: 192 processor cores

*Requires a minimum of 400W or greater system power supply (with a minimum 12V current rating of 24A) + 6-pin
Newegg link:

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  1. Any interest in a trade for a nice 1000HX PSU?
  2. No, I already have a PSU that I'll be using, but thanks!
  3. on what resolution did you play?
  4. All games were played on 1920x1080 resolution.
  5. I am interested in it If it will be compatable in SLI mode with a PNY Geforce 550 Ti.
  6. kegga62 said:
    I am interested in it If it will be compatable in SLI mode with a PNY Geforce 550 Ti.

    Should be. As long as the actual GPU chip is the same in both cards, they'll run in SLI.

    Good price for the card. Wish I could afford it as my second computer could use an upgrade from the 9800GT ;)
  7. Kegga, they're compatible as they both utilize the same chipset (GF116).

    Boiler, it's a great card indeed, especially for the price I'm listing it at.

    Stay tuned for pics! I'll be taking some recent ones later today after work :)
  8. I'll take it if you can wait a couple weeks. Maybe sooner. But I just got home and have bills to pay before I buy anything.
    I have 2 PNY Geforce 9800 GT's if your intrested.
  9. Hey, if it's still for sale whenever you're ready then we'll work it out then; just don't forget about this deal!

    I'll have to pass on the 9800GT's though, I'm looking at picking up a pair of GTX 560 Tis :)
  10. Okay. Sounds good. I wish I would have gotten the DTX 560 Ti's but oh well.
  11. The 560Ti's are VERY nice... however they're about 100-150 bucks more than the 550s lol.
  12. Yeah I know ! LOL
  13. Weekend bump! (thread is probably at the top anyways haha)
  14. Texas Rangers in the World Series!

  15. Wednesday bump!
  16. Thursday - Price has been reduced!
  17. I know you probably don't want to hear this but I've found another 550 Ti used for $60. I haven't bought it yet. I wanted to see if you'd meet that price and if you will. I'll buy it from you. Please e-mail me at:
    I could buy it this weekend.
  18. Sorry, I cannot go any lower than $90 shipped.
  19. I'll take it for $90. How do we do the payment ? I have a credit/Debit card. No paypal account. I wont have the money in my account until Friday 8am.
  20. It'll be best if you opened up a Paypal account; it's free and so much easier to send/recieve money. And should anything happen, we could refund/dispute a transaction and it all gets recorded on Paypal's system. All you need is your credit/debit card to open up start the account!
  21. Okay. Will do.
  22. Paypal account is all set up.
  23. I live In, Lebanon, New Hampshire. How long do you think it will take before I receive the video card ? After you receive your payment of course. I would like to pay for it Friday 10/28/11 just a little after 8am est.
  24. I also no nothing about paypal or how to pay you. So I'll need all that info, please.
  25. I can probably send it out the next day after payment (Saturday, 10/29/11). I'll ship it USPS priority so it should reach you by Monday or Tuesday the following week.

    As far as the Paypal stuff... I'm not sure the exact steps or links to follow, but you'll first need to do these things:

    1) Set up your bank account (requires routing & checking number)
    2) Add a credit/debit card to the PP account (requires the card)
    3) After completing step #2, PP will require you to confirm your bank account (they will deposit a small sum, usually a couple cents, into your bank account and all you'll have to do is type in the amount they deposited into the PP site.

    NOTE: You can find all of that under these tabs: MY ACCOUNT > PROFILE (add or edit a bank account --- add or edit a credit card)

    If anything, there's a HELP link on the top right hand corner of the site. I would advise you to do all of that today because it may take a couple extra days for PP to confirm the account (usually 2-3 days), before you can send money.
  26. Just let me know whenever you have your account confirmed. If you need anymore help, I'll be here to answer your questions the best I can so we can make this a smooth transaction.

    Thanks! :)
  27. I"ve already set up a Credit/Debit card account at Paypal. I haven't received a confirmation e-mail as of yet. I will go check PP account now. Everything else sounds great.
  28. I just did everything you said to do at Paypal. I'll have two accounts. One from my checking and the other from my credit/Debit card. Paypal said it would take 2 -3 buisness days.
  29. That's fine, we'll pick up later after you get your account confirmed so we can do the sending process!
  30. I'm just waiting on the other deposit from Paypal. One was there yesterday.
  31. My Paypal account is all confirmed and up and running.
  32. Great! So I guess I should be waiting for your payment on Friday then?
  33. I'll need to know how I pay you through paypal. I've never used it before. Like I said. I'd like to pay you Friday morning shortly after 8am. est.
  34. Okay, here's what you'll have to do to send a payment through Paypal.

    1) Login to your Paypal account
    2) On the top blue bar, click on SEND MONEY
    3) In the "TO" field, you'll enter my email (copy & paste so no errors in spelling):
    4) In the "AMOUNT" field, you'll enter 90.00, and make sure it's in USD - U.S Dollars
    5) Below that you'll click on the PERSONAL tab
    6) You will want to send the money as a GIFT (this way, PP won't charge their fees)
    7) Click CONTINUE, and follow what it says afterwards (probably asks you to confirm the amount and send)

    That's pretty much it!
  35. Okay. Thanks.
  36. No problem!
  37. Tomorrow morning (Friday 10/28/11) Shortly after 8am est. I'll be sending the $90 by Paypal to you. After I send the money I will come here and post it and give you my name and address so your'll know where to send the card.
  38. You don't have to post your name and address on here since it's public... It's best to keep that information in a private message. Just click on my sn, under contact, click on SEND MESSAGE.
  39. The money was sent to you at 8am est. I put my mailing info with the payment and also messaged it to you here.
  40. Payment has been recieved! Thank you very much sir!
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