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I've got two panels from LCD monitors that gave up their lives to bad caps, which then subsequently took out all of the active devices around them. With the plummeting costs of new screens these days I junked them, but couldn't bear to throw out the glass.

The panels were fine when they died. They are yours for shipping costs (boxes/peanuts/postal) if you think you can use them. Payment would be via Paypal, details to be worked out off-line.

They are:

Samsung LTM150X0-L01 (Was a 15" Dell monitor)

ViewSonic Model M190EN04 (19" normal width monitor circa 2005)

Note they both have the CFLs etc. The ViewSonic has the bezel and logic board to drive it.

If you are interested post a note here to start it off...
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  1. Hi,
    do you still have the panels?
    I am interested in the ViewSonic M190EN04.
    Can you tell me how to fix the logic board to the panel? Is it glued or something?
    Thank you.
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