Between an (845PE) Rock & a (865PE) Hard place...

Well, it's just about time to upgrade again, and the choices seem to be harder than when I purchased my GA-8PE667Ultra. I find myself facing transition points for almost all pc components now, be it mobo chipsets, processor sockets, and video card turmoil and bus changes. And with much consideration, I've decided to upgrade piece by piece to keep in the pricing game for upgrades, and keep my costs lower.

When I purchased this mobo, I assumed the next bus change would be 667, and therefore I was set for at least one upgrade. As we all know, the new bus is 800 and I'm somewhere in between. My intention is to upgrade my processor first to an 800 bus chip, then the mem to a PC3500 or above, and finally, hoping that when I get to this point the chipsets will be more to my liking, the mobo (currently using a R9700Pro, so this part will remain). Of course by the time I upgrade the mobo, I think it will be time to upgrade the processor again, for there will be a socket change, but at least I stay in the price game and can sell the 800 bus chip for a closer price to the new chip.

The purpose of this post is simply to ask if anyone has attempted overclocking one of these "in between" boards to the new bus speed, and what were their results. This will help me decide if my upgrade order will change. Also, feel free to just rant on your upgrade ideas and situation.

Good luck to all of you that have decided to upgrade now!

--the Doc
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  1. *bump-digity*
  2. I'm currently building an <A HREF="" target="_new">Abit IC7-G</A> and I can't say enough positive things about this board. I'm hearing the 865 version of this board is solid as well.

    <i>It's always the one thing you never suspected.</i>
  3. Good stuff!....was hoping to get this post started. Please let me know what you think about your new board, and why you decided to go with that board instead of another, or wait.....just feel free to rant on the decision process.

    --the Doc
  4. grrrrrrrr.........I guess no one has tried doing this yet. Will I have to bite the bullet and be the first to try it? I'll keep you posted.

    --the Doc
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