WTT: Diamond HD4870 1gb + $ for HD6850 or HD5850

I recently got this card from a member on XS but it just isn't fast enough for me in Metro 2033.

I would like to trade my Diamond HD 4870 1gb equipped with an Accelero Twin Turbo Pro and cash for an HD 6850 or HD 5850

Here is a rough idea of how much cash I'd put forth for different card along with my card:
HD6850 $30 - $40
HD5850 $50

This card runs 24/7 @ 830/935 with 0 issues. It will run 850 core for short gaming sessions of 45m to an hour but eventually it wil crash at that speed but that is likely due to my piss poor case ventilation ( using an NSK4400 with just a silent 50cfm 120mm rear fan ) so if you have a case with good ventilation then this card will most assuredly run higher clocks stable but in my current case the heat builds up too fast.

I do not have the stock cooler for this card or any accessories as that is how I received it.

Here is what I run with the card @ 1920x1080 on high detail using an E7200 OverClocked to 3ghz in a system with 4gb memory:

Metro 2033 in DX10 mode
--- No AA, max detail and AF
--- I can run the game in 4x MSAA mode but my FPS drops between 19 and high 20's which is why I want a faster card

STALKER Shadow of Chernobyl with the complete 2009 mod which is huge graphics mod that makes the game look as god as Metro 2033
--- 2x SS AA on max detail and AF

Team Fortress 2
--- 8x Edge Detect SS AA and 3x Temporal AA, max detail and AF

Section 8
--- 2x SS AA with max detail and AF

Fallout 3 loaded with HD mods
--- 4x Edge Detect SS AA, max detail and AF
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  1. Bump
  2. Interested in a Pentium D 820? I have one that was barely used.
    I might also have an HD 4650 if you're looking for one.
  3. Are you sure that computer can't upgrade to a Core 2 Duo CPU? Most P4 rigs can. I upgraded a Pentium 4 single core (HT) at work to a Core 2 Quad. That upgrade would make it a perfectly adequate computer. Also, if you're willing to spend $30 on the graphics, you can get an 8800GT sometimes. Those will actually play almost all games while a 7900GTX is about 1/2 as fast.

    You may as well aim higher on your upgrade since what you're planning will spend money while yielding a computer that's still terrible (sorry if that sounds rude).

    I have a 7950GT you can have for free (pay $5 shipping). The'll need to be good at soldering to reattach a capacitor that fell off.
  4. The motherboard in the machine is an MSI P4N Sli using the old Nforce4 Sli chipset so C2D isn't possible on that chipset on any board.

    As far as the futility of the upgrade, I know. Trust me, I know. It took me an hour and a half of my time just to convince her to allow me to upgrade her CPU and GPU since she is trying to play newer games on that crap box anyways.

    She is one of those paranoid people that swore for starters that she needed the Corsair GS700 700w PSU she paid $200 for installed @ BestBuy and swore she might even need a 1kw PSU. She also is too worried about losing her programs for school even though I told her I can generalize the OS and make it boot under a new mobo and it would just need the OS re-activated but she just won't let me upgrade her mobo to something that takes a C2D :-/

    Some people you can only help so much :(
  5. Well...just make sure to tell her she's throwing her money out the window and absolutely CANNOT play newer games (2008 and newer will struggle)...then do whatever you (she) wants I guess.
  6. Someone has to have a Pentium D 830 or 840 heating their basement or something that they wouldn't mind getting rid of.
  7. yeah man, i got a older system sitting around, ill look and see what it has and let you know tonight.
  8. Persistance pays off bump
  9. Some has got to have an older Pentium Dual core or AM2 Athlon x2 setup for sale.
  10. Upgrading my board so gonna give her my Intel DP35DP so now she just needs a CPU.
  11. Anyone mind downgrading and putting some xmas cash in their pocket for that next upgrade?
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