Ohh Lord , Trine ? WOW

Im a big fan of games , and specially Multiplayer games ,
I used to play since the team fortress classic release .. Till now .
since that , i played alot of games after tfc and really enjoyed alot of games,
like Counter-strike , Day of defeat , Quake 3 , RTCW , World of warcraft ,and more , and played them multiplayer , could be that im the only one on the planet which is hardcore gamer and never played a singleplayer game till befor 1 month ,
Honestly , I bought A lot and lot of games lately , and the only game i really loved was Gears of war which is the first game i ever played singleplayer and finished it ..
BUT Ohhhhhhhhhh Trine ?!!! Omg ... i REALLY LOVE THAT GAME ...
the screenshots was cool , but eeek seems for kids ... but i bought it ..
and here im playing it ... its made my year ...
About the "pc gaming is dead" ? Hell no TRINE IS HERE ...
I didnt expect that i will love such a game which comes as a side-scrolling ...
Guys ? if u really wanna have fun and play a game while u just wanna see next and next and next surprises , play Trine.
One of the best games i ever played for yeaaaaaaaaaaaars ..
Try it , cool one
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  1. Did this game Trine come with an extra large bag of sugar by any chance?
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