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  1. Namco announced that the highly anticipated Cities XL will be released in 9 October for PC.

    Along time ago city builders have lost their quality.The Sim City 4 and City Life were just good. The Cities XL intends to replace this gap and to enchant us as we enchant the Sim City 3000, 10 years ago.

    The game contains 25 maps, 500 buildings, and many innovative elements to the gameplay and most importantly, have multiplayer that is a unique MMO.
  2. this looks amazing! I've always loved sim city and city building games. I still play sim city 4. I think I might just go download the demo for this now.
  3. Used to love SimCity 3000, and the one before that Sim City 2? i dont remember the actual name, but it was awesome! even though i was only about 6 years old :P

    The graphics on this game look totally awesome, ill be giving the demo a good go, this looks crazy!
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