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It started a couple of days ago and i havent been able to find anything at all that helps. Ive installed a windows hotfix that was supposed to fix something semi-related and it did nothing. System is clean of viruses and junk, ive tried disabling all startup items with msconfig and it still does it. The resource monitor just shows massive amounts of memory being "In Use" with no process associated with any of it. Ive found 2 instances of people that fixed a problem similar to this by updating video drivers for nvidia users and to disable the catalyst AI for ati users. Ive updated drivers and disabled the AI as for me and neither helped. From what ive found this problem seems to be on windows 7 64 bit systems almost every time, as it is with me.
The hardware is good too, ive ran multiple tests on all of it with no issues anywhere. Ive spent hours and hours searching the internet to try and find a fix and havent come up with jack. Also to add, this started the day that i had 2 windows updates install and when i installed a second 5870 and started using crossfire. Ive removed both updates and the video card with no luck on fixing it so i think it was just coincidence though.
I have 6gb's of memory, at idle on a normal day i run around 25-35% usage. With this problem it will start at that after a fresh reboot and slowly use up every single byte of memory i have. It takes about 8 hours to fill all 6gb's and then nothing will clear it out short of hitting the reset button as the system is nearly unresponsive.
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  1. Here is a pic of the current usage, it will be at 95% in a couple of hours.

  2. This is the usage since the last post. I noticed that the non-paged kernal memory is showing 4000+ in the performance tab of task manager? Is that actual usage as of this moment and should it be that high?

  3. Just for anyone elses reference, ive downloaded the windows driver kit to gain access to a program called poolmon.exe. This will allow you to view which drivers are using paged and nonpaged memory. Ive traced the problem to a memory leak with atikmdag.sys, obviously associated with ati video drivers. Where i go from here i dont know but at least i know the cause.

    Here is a link to the info i used to figure this out, it will help anyone that is having similar issues.
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