Medal of Honor not working on HD4870

I have had this problem since i got this HD4870. Medal of Honor:AA will not work on this video card. Neither will MOH:Breakthrough. I've tried 2 or 3 fresh installs of XP and Vista. I've tried many different drivers, including 8.1 to 9.7. I've tried the 8.6 trick with atioglxx and glx2 dll's. I've reinstalled the game many times. I've tried using ccc and tray tools.

The game starts up, but before it gets to the intro video, while it's still at a black screen, it just shuts down with no error dialogs.

I've been playing this game every week since 2001 and up until a couple of months ago when i purchased the HD4870, i've never had any problems running the games on many different types of hardware. After a couple of months of trying every trick i can find through google, i am quite frustrated and ready to trade this gpu in for the other brand. It's rediculous that this problem is still present, and this is my last resort. If anyone has a solution to this, please help me out. I really don't want to have to shell out another few hundred for a gpu to replace this one, because other than this glaring problem i've been very happy with the 4870. I have also tried running the game on sp2, and sp3. I haven't tried uninstalling .net because so many things need .net framework now days. RTCW is also an OpenGL game, and runs just fine so far. Not sure if this narrows things down any.

2g DDR2
XP Pro sp3, Vista sp2
HD4870 1gb, 9.7drivers
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  1. Maybe your working for nvidia.

    Also I have to say, Medal of Honor is not a game that should even be really talked about at this point. It's not where gaming is at right now at all. You need to get some better games and ATI knows this.
  2. Right.... I've been using ATI since the 9700 Pro, which was probably the biggest shining moment in any video card release for good reason. I've never had a big issue with the hardware or drivers and that is why i've stuck with ATI. I want more than anything to not have to buy an Nvidia gpu just to play MOH, but i will if i have to because there are plenty of people who still play the game. There is good reason for that. It was and still is a great game to play regardless of how old it is.
  3. I still play Spearhead on line. And I too had problems getting my 4870 to run the game. There is a driver that works but I can't remember which one it is. keep plugging away.
  4. The only catalyst that plays MOH:AA/SH (same with COD1/UO) at the moment for the 38xx & 48xx cards is cat 8.6. Allied assault and Spearhead are two of my favorite oldies and will say first hand they will play great only with 8.6. Anything else after 7.12 will result with a crash.

    Anyone with a nvidia GTX 2xx card care to tell us if they can play and what driver they use?
  5. Most of my older games runs perfectly with Cat 8-7 and 8-11, I've played Return to Castle Wolfenstein and Metal Of Honour : Spearhead with no problems, Brothers in Arms and Call Of Duty 2 also no problems, I've been using Xp64 and is currenlty on Vista64 bit, still no problems with the older titles.

    best of Luck if ur not nVidia spy...
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