Pls help me play Far cry 2.

I got this game yesterday.
When we are in way to some mission ppl just attack us and some even come with cars.
So this happens every time whenever I travel.

Just wanted to ask if it is normal or I have done sth wrong?
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  1. Thanks for the reply Dude!

    Can you tell me some tips regarding the game so that I can play it easily.Like for navigation etc?
  2. Just make sure you're in a jeep with a gun on the back. As soon as you see someone, press C to jump onto the gun, hold the right button to aim and blast away at the gunner, then the driver. You'll have to be very unlucky to lose a quick one on one like that, and your car's gun has unlimited ammo.
  3. Okay thanks guys!
    I will keep taht in mind.
    And I will also try to play in the daytime As Its hard to see them in Night.
  4. cars and trucks draw attention. try walking where you need to go. You'll find more diamonds and the golden ak47's easier that way too. The silent sniper rifle comes in handy a lot. Only get 7 or 8 darts but that's ok as ammo is relatively easy to come by. It's easier than it looks to stay under cover and sneak past the road blocks. ( if you hit the number pad 8...on my machine any way.... it's "record playback"..... and it will pick up your run speed until you get to your destination. .. make a folder on your desk top or in documents and name it FC saved games. Every once in a while right click the FC2 icon and open up and remove the older saved games. this will make it load faster.
  5. swifty_morgan said:
    (if you hit the number pad 8...on my machine any way.... it's "record playback"..... and it will pick up your run speed until you get to your destination. .. .

    Is it some kind of cheat code?
  6. I think it has something to do with you making your own benchmark "movie". Like small ranch, large ranch, etc. It's built into the game.
  7. Thanks for all the tips.
    Just the last question........
    He has malaria and I have one small medicine pack.So we have to get more or they will be enough till the game ends?
  8. Look on your map for the "fist" ( underground unit ) . It is where you can get pills or you will meet someone who will tell you where you can get pills. You have to be completely out of pills before you can get another bottle though. Read the booklet that came with the game and use your map frequently.
  9. No ubisoft are idiots. They've never made a game to buy their employees nice cars and nice houses and put their children through college. That's why they're an extremely biased and selfish company that only cator to what they like to play, and how they like to play it.
  10. I liked Prince of Persia series by Ubisoft very much.
  11. Only Thing I don't like in FC2 is that my save folder is already 3GB.
  12. Anyway I kinda like this game to start with, was a bit shocked that I was getting shot at by everyone 10 seconds after the start of the games, they kind of left the fact that everyone hates you and wants to kill you out of the explanation of the game at the start didn’t they. You complete the tutorial, everything is good, you start to slow down at you’re first guard check point in the game and you hear one of the guards saying, “Oh what’s that”. I think I am going to get a few guards peaking in my car windows or waving me past, but nooo.. they all pull out AK’s and start screaming “KILL HIM”, “Kill that man we don’t even know”. I mean common what the fook did I do wrong?

    But anyway once you get over the initial shock of everyone hating your guts (why did it not say that on the box or something, nothing gave you the hint that everyone in the whole game was going to shoot at you) it is quite fun to play. Racing past a check point in your car only to be chased buy two jeeps. The jumping out your car with an RPG and setting those jeeps in to the sky gave you a nice feeling of accomplishment. I guess the whole problem was it just done the same thing thorough all the game.

    You would have an hour of playing with everyone hating your guts, you would get to a mission where a friend would help you and at the end of the mission your friend would be like “well I better let you go” from your only friend in the fooking game. I mean common I just killed 100 people since I last seen you and I saved your life ta boot. Give me a hug damn it, don’t just tell me to fook off.

    So yes getting hated by everyone is the only thing that lets this game down, it takes all the diversity away from the gameplay and all your left with is a very restrictive sandbox that only lets you do the same stuff over and over again.
  13. bpogdowz, you’re a very angry person aren’t you. What’s with all this pent up hate, take an epidural or something. Some people will start to think you’re going through you’re menopause.
  14. Quote:
    You like it because you helped develop it. Otherwise it's an idioacracy adventure game for 12 year old retards.

    Well I was 12 when I played that game.
    Now 16 :pt1cable:
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