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Hey guys. I've decided to start building and selling custom computers. This is my first eBay listing i5 2500k 4Ghz OC, CFX 6870, 120gb SSD, 1TB HDD.

I'd also love to offer my experience in building PCs for anyone in Canada and USA. You can just message me and we can work out the perfect build for you. I'm sure you can tell by my profile that I'm a bit of a hardware nut :D

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  1. Update: I lowered the price to US $1600 plus Shipping
  2. Howd selling your pc go?
  3. I sold a couple, but through kijiji to local buyers.
  4. was thinking of making and selling some myself did see your add while i was looking through some 6870 builds which is what i wanted to start with tho.
    should add more pics with the lights on tho so you can see he pc not the leds
  5. Well like I said, I sold through kijiji - didn't get any interest from eBay shoppers. I ended up building completely custom PCs too.
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