We need a Doom Co-Op game badly

Who here thinks we need a Doom Co-Op game. Something like Doom II where you try to solve the map like in Doom II and just fight waves and waves of demons in hell.

Damn I want that.
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  1. indeed boy, indeed! i think cod waw has such an option. i read in the news that co-op is coming 'back'. so maybe the next doom will have it!
  2. Dude seriously... if the guys who made Doom 1&2 woke up they would give this to us. Not what Doom 3 was. It's the only logical sequel.
  3. Serious Sam II is just that, get it, you will love the co-op play.
  4. All the Doom games so far are horrible and yes Killing Floor is the bomb right now.
  5. I'll have to check out killing floor.
  6. Well lookee here... http://www.tomshardware.com/news/game-doom-quake,5310.html ya think they read this exact post and said to themselves "Hey! Let's do it!".
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