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Hi guys,

so I am building a cheap system for my grand parents. All they do basically is type word documents (with just two index fingers), check e-mail, unzip some files once in a while, and maybe view some pictures (no very high res) from my digital camera. I already have a case lying around and all I basically need is your recommendations on mobo and processor. For processors I was thinking of a celeron 2.2 ghz (400mhz bus) should be good enough for them for quite a while. for mobo, I am completely open. I would like it to have onboard sound and video so its foolproof and easy to use for them. The main thing here is price and most importantly STABILITY. Thanks in advance:)

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  1. Even though performence isn't of the greatest importance to you, you may as well get a duron or a low end AXP (maybe 1700+) as these will be better performence for the money. If you read around the cpu forum you will find that for a budget system a celeron is still a waste of money since you can get a better AMD chip for the same money (when we are looking at the low end here). I could be wrong but that has been my impression.

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  2. And before you say anything about the above reply AMD processors are just as stable as Intel and no, they do not have any overheating problems. Just thought I'd make that clear.

    If you do decide to go the AMD route get a 1700+ and pair it with an nforce2 IGP board with 512Mb crappy DDR (who cares above timings?) and it should make a very cheap yet relatively high performing system (about 7000 3dmarks prob).

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  3. You're going in the wrong direction. I'd get them an old PII 400 system with a BX motherboard. You'll have the most stable platform, more speed than they'll ever need, it will be cheaper, and you won't have to build it. Systems like this go for around $100-$150.

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  4. Crashman is dead wrong. A p-2 is way too much power. I recommend a 486. All you'll ever need.
  5. Har Har. Remember what kind of user he's looking to satisfy, and the the operating system will be the only "heavy" load the computer ever sees.

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  6. Aww... Build em a reasonably swift system...
    My did inlaw(aged) kept wnatin to learn about computers. He tried the used(slow) route buyin a p200 from local school board - it soured him always waitin, and of course killed win98 quickly... the local computer shop advised him it was too slow and sold a little faster PII400... even then he strill complained 'all ya realy do with computers is wait o em..."
    An i also think AOL was a big "USELESS CONFUSING POP MAZE " for him! (along with its constant disconnects! and HELPLESS DESK!)

    I built him budget AMD xp1700+(like $325) with W2K and reasonable zip - something he didnt need to wait on to get his errors... plus w2k's strong enough he couldn't kill it - and we scrapped AOL for Earthlink.. I also wrote him a little manual with screen cuts of exactly how do basic stuff (including Outlook email)

    WOW! - Give em an acceptably swift box, solid OS and just a little basic written(with pics) instructs to follow - and it was suprising! I even won a bet with my better half that he'd be emailing reqularly within 30days...

    NOw DidInlaw is killer with News and Stock info/graphs on the web,
    And MomInLaw is even writin complaint letters (good lookin ones too as outlook uses Word as editor) to anyone snubin her ,and they're cuttin and pastin like pros... (Oh, and we also got en a nice 17" tube and got em to KEEP THIER GLASSES ON, and use 1024*768 so they didnt have to constantly scroll to get a complet view of everything. That was the tuffest single thing, but they finally got it - perhaps a cheap 19" tube would be even better...)

    Give em reasonable box! And AMD athlons are king of mid range!
    (XP1700+, 256DDR, W2K and it'll just smooth right along...)
    Actually my whole family has these 1700+'s now, on various mobo's, and they're all lovin em...
  7. Are you still interested in a Celeron? Haven't heard back?

    (My 2 cents) I agree with the gentlemen advising you on getting an AMD. Very nice power for the $$$. Can't see how anyone could justfy spending for an Intel product for mid-range use. Have lots of friends with AMDs everyone seems fairly happy. Looking at the performance charts and
    comparing that to the required cash makes it pretty easy to
    chose AMD.

    Actaully, I got tired of a Celeron 333, that I was using for this and that, and just upgraded to a AMD 2200+. Ok, I did it on the cheap. Had a stick of 512 PC133 lying around so I used that. Nice cheap graphics card, new case, new Mobo (lan and sound built in) and the processor. Just over $200US (tax included). I'm happy (I'm also cheap ;-) and I got to donate the 333 to needy friend with kids.

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  8. My recommendations:

    CPU: Athlon XP 1700+ ~42 (add ~$10 for HSF)
    Mobo: ASUS A7N266-VM (Onboard graphics, sound, LAN) ~$70
    RAM: 1 x 256 MB Kingston PC2700 CL2.5 DDR ~30

    This system will be much more enough for them, and rock stable. And nForce APU is better than any other onboard/discreate sound card.

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