Need some opinions on a gaming mouse

Right now I'm usin' a mucho el cheapo mouse to game with. Bottom of the bucket Logitech mouse.

I'm looking at the Razer family of mice and like them all. Since I can't get them locally I need some opinions on which one to get.
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  1. I use the Habu and I don't feel I will have to be pursuing another mouse for a long time.
  2. Well if you're looking to play fps games with it, you'll want one that is wired, not wireless. I've heard good things about the Diamondback3G, and it has on-the-fly sensistivity which is once again great for shooters. I know many people have strong feelings about logitech but I have been using the G5 for a few months and it has been my favorite. To be honest, many people make a very big deal about the name on the package and not the quality of the product inside.
  3. Save yourself time, trouble and money. I've used a ton of them. Get this
  4. Logitec G5.
  5. G3 is nice if youre left-handed and its bit cheaper than g5 and got same stats.
  6. Any diff between laser and infrared?
  7. I have G5 and love it. Also there is new kid on the block You might want to check out:
    OCZ Behemoth
    For gaming definately go laser
  8. Wow that OCZ is cheap. I guess *anything* is better than what I am using. Must go for comfort. In this case, how would you rate the comfort of your mouse?
  9. You can shove that OCZ Behemoth where the sun don't shine. I have one of those. It's hard to hang on to because of the slick finish for one. The finish makes it impossible to use skate board tape for traction because it won't stick right nor for too long. And I have a penny taped to the bottom rear because the thing likes to teeter front to back. JUNK !
  10. Anyone with either the G3, G5, Diamondback 3G or Death Adder?
  11. I have used and owned several mice the past few years

    Razer Lachesis
    Razer Deathadder
    Microsoft Sidewinder x8
    Microsoft Sidewinder x5
    Logitech G5
    Logitech G7

    And i have used random cheapo mice, such as the ocz equalizer etc.

    I have finally found the perfect mice for me, the logitech G9x!, i set it up so its heavy at the mouse 1 button and lighter all around, so when i click my mouse stays still, and yet it still moves extremely fast. I play CSS Competitively and I have Since moved onto Tf2.

    Another good mouse i would recommend that should be out soon, is the logitech G500, i believe its a remake of the Logitech G5 which was also a great mice i have used for a long time.
  12. The isRAZER Lachesis Banshee Blue 9 Buttons by far the best gaming mouse on the market currently. is the link:

    It is expensive for a mouse so it is only worth it if you are a serious gamer
  13. Did you choose based off websites or did you find them in stores?
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