Card was bought last August and used for a month to play Starcraft 2, after that it's primarily been used in a computer for school work/internet usage. Card has been completely stable, never even overclocked. I recently ordered a 6970 to upgrade, so I'd like to give this card a nice new home. This card is an EVGA GTX 465, non superclocked. 01G-P3-1465-AR is the part number for the card.

I don't have the drivers cd's, so it's just the card in box/plastic protective shell.

I'm honestly not sure how much to ask, so I am totally up for offers on what you think is fair. I've used ebay as a gauge for prices, but I am willing to negotiate.

I can provide pictures benchmarks etc at request. Just let me know via PM or post.

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  1. bump :)
  2. A standard card cost about £170 new, so yours is over a year old,with light use, I would say £70-£85 wouldn't be unreasonable.
  3. Where are you from? I would say $80-90 USD...
  4. From CT. Ebay has these cards around 120USD to as high as 180USD (which is crazy) in used condition. And 80USD for a card that isn't even working.
  5. It's worth about the same as a GTX 460 768MB since the GTX 460 1GB matches its performance with lower power draw and is easier to find a second card from SLI. So that's $110 on ebay, $80 for a deal.

    I bought a GTX 460 768MB earlier this year for $69.

    If you can get $150 for it on ebay, I strongly suggest you take that route because this card has more flaws than a Radeon 5830. Nevertheless, if the price is right, you'll find buyers here.
  6. *sold* for 120.

    not sure how to delete/close thread :(
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