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World of Warcraft low fps all the time.

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August 4, 2009 5:01:05 PM

Why the heck im always running in Orgimmar middle for an example like around 30fps or in Dalaran its 20 or less??
I've tried to do everything: Setting Video setting or resolution low, the fps doesn't change much like 1-3 tbh.
Or turning AddOns off, fps is raising like 3-5 :fou: 

And heres my necessary pc stats if that helps out:

AMD Athlon x64 4000+ (2.0Ghz)
Ati Radeon x1950GT (512mb 256-bit)
WD somekinda hard drive 320GB
4GB ddr2 800mhz ram memory
WinXP x64bit

I first had this 32-bit WinXP and when i heard that 64-bit is utilizing better example ram memory so i changed to it and fps is like around the same. Also tried to take like every program off and go on and play but still the fps isn't getting high at all. After format when i took xp64 i just copy pasted the folder on Program Files, does can that be the issue?

So does someone could tell me how i would get higher fps?
August 4, 2009 6:05:45 PM

You are getting ample FPS for you outdated rig.

For better FPS you need a quad core CPU and a better GPU.

A quad core CPU will produce the biggest jump in FPS in WoW.
August 4, 2009 6:45:09 PM

More or less have to agree with above poster.
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August 4, 2009 8:03:33 PM

Now tried my friends AMD Athlon x64 4800+(2.5Ghz) and fps is like +5-10 i think. Would be that i copy pasted wow be the laggy issue?
August 4, 2009 8:26:21 PM

No, I told you how to increase FPS already.

Your hardware is old, and your getting great FPS for what you got.

Copy and paste probably wasnt the samrtest thing do d o either. However if your FPS is the same it was before copy/paste, then theres nothing you can do, but upgrade. Obviously a better /faster cpu or gpu will help but if you really want to max fps on high you need a quad core. I get 107 FPS on my epic flyer and in Dalaran i get 50 during peak hours. I have a i7 920 @ 3.4 with a ati 4870 and 6G ram.