Powerleap 370 adapter :) best friend

Hi All...

Does ANYBODY have a Pentium III-S adapter.

My *new* board is not a tualatin board so needs an FC-PGA2 adapter

Powerleap would be ideal but willing to take ***ANYTHING***

Will make yourself a new best friend in the process and can send lots of parts I no longer need (most new boxed)

(Currently running SLI GTX 560ti with 16gb DDR3 and core i3 2100 - but this P III-S is going to be my dedicated windows XP toy - coupled with a Gainward 7800 GS)
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  1. Or post a message on here and I will get in touch :)

    Even if I have to buy mobo + cpu just to get the adaptor I would be happy
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  3. Would also like an Upgradeware 370-GU

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