Is there any way to recover data of deleted partition

is there any way to recover data of deleted partition.i think that i didn't delete that,but after completing installation of windows7 that partition doesn;t appear.i think it's problem of nott installing of that windows..........please help
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  1. Yes as long as you never wrote anymore data to the drive after the delete command.
    All the delete command does is set the flag conditions of the drive space to zero so it can be classed as free space and written to again.
    But in your case since you installed windows 7 after the delete of the partition its likely what ever data was on there has been over written by now.
  2. You could attempt to use 'Piriform Recuva' but don't expect it to recover much as you have overwritten the partition.

    Also make sure you do an indepth scan for all files, leave it going over night or something. Depending on the drive size it can take a long time, took around 8 hours on my 2TB.
  3. I accidentally removed a partition with pictures and my Windows Mail folders among other things. The drive was divided into three partitions, C: with Windows and software, D: with pictures and mail data, and E: with videos and music. I installed a SSD with Windows on it so that drive became D:, E:, and F:. I tried to make D: smaller which I did with Windows Disk Manager but I couldn't add the free space to E:. While trying I ended up deleting both that space and E: with my pictures and mail data! I did a quick format of the total free space but I haven't written anything to it.

    I downloaded and installed PC Tools Performance Toolkit with Undelete. It was able to undelete 1000s of pictures and e mail messages but none of them are complete. The pictures either won't load at all or they have blank space towards the end.

    Is there any way to find and restore the Master File Table? Everything should be intact just unseen.
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