OCZ Solid 3 120 GB


I'm new here in the states and on Tomshardware...

I have an OCZ Solid 3 120 GB in my MacBook Pro at the moment, but I'm not really using the speed compared to the original 5400rpm disc...

How much is it worth?

Might sell it or trade it for something to my desktop machine (bigger CPU or Graphic)

Hope you can help me!
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  1. You might get $125-150 for it; lots of rebates on this and other ocz drives right now; solid 3 is not their fastest drive.
  2. Thank you,

    I know it's not the fastest, but it still has a lot of power :)

    What should I upgrade on my computer if I'm looking for a trade?

    Athlon II X3 445 @ 3875 Mhz with Coolit ECO LCS
    Asus M5A87 (Bulldozer Ready)
    8 GB Mushkin Silverline 1333 Mhz
    500 Watt Mushkin Volta PSU
    PowerColor HD6790 1 GB GDDR5
    500 GB WD Caviar Blue
    NZXT Gamma Case
    Asus DVD-Burner

    I'm thinking about CPU or GPU?

    Maybe trade my current CPU + SSD for a Bulldozer CPU or GPU + SSD for GTX 560 or so?
  3. You've got a good system. Your overclock is excellent, and the new amd cpus don't perform that well. A 955 or 1090 six core might help a little, but 3 cores is plenty for most applications.
  4. So I should just place my SSD in my desktop instead?
  5. The mac may be slower than your desktop, so unless you've stopped using it, I would leave the ssd there. Frys had a 32 gb ssd for only $35 after rebate last week. You'll see more deals like this at the end of the year and on black friday in the usa. If you want to upgrade something, try selling the old part first on craigslist, so you're not stuck with too many leftover parts. I'm a computer junky, and I'm trying hard to stop the compulsive spending. It's hard.
  6. None interested in this disk?
  7. You won't be able to get more than $100 here for it. You should craigslist/ebay it or appreciate the boot time savings in your Macbook. There's no worthwhile upgrade for your desktop--all of o1die's tips were dead on.

    If you offer $90 or less for it, I bet you'll get a bite here.

    I guess a GTX 560Ti would be a worthwhile upgrade for you, but you'd probably get the money for that best by selling your 6790 and the SSD on ebay.
  8. Okay - thank you :)

    Maybe I should just keep it and use it for something!
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